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Training RoR Midlands - Pole work with Fancy Footwork Equestrian clinic

9th December, 2023

This session will start off in a simple pattern but evolve in its complexity as the session goes on, until you are working through some intricate lines, and will include flat, raised, angled, trot and canter poles!

There is no obligation to do any exercises that you don’t feel comfortable with.

The main focus of this event is for everyone involved to have fun and to work towards improving your horses balance,Core strength, rhythm and flexibility as well as providing them with a mental workout!

Held in a lovely covered arena with masses of parking!

Nina is a stage 4 senior coach and creator of the best selling app ‘Polework Patterns.’

She has Over 25 years of coaching experience, helping riders of all levels and abilities in a calm and supportive manner while making sessions fun!

All abilities welcome providing you can walk, trot and canter, fully in control in a group environment .

Please note your horses vaccinations must be up to date to attend any Fancy footwork clinics.

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CV35 9BL
United Kingdom