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Training RoR North - Katharine Martin flat work or equitation clinic

10th December, 2023

In the morning, Katharine will be bringing a full course of Working Equitation Equipment to Craven Arena! Depending on numbers, sessions are between 75 and 90 minutes long. We will be focussing on the 'Ease of Handling' phase, which is all about how you do the obstacles and how to gain te best marks. You will be introduced to all the obstacles and we will work on improving the balance, harmony, submission and the relationship you have with your horse. It's open for all levels of RoR's and you don't need to geet out of walk if you don't want to!

Following the Working Equitation, there will be group or private Flat Work lessons. Katharine teaches flat work with Classical influences. Posture of rider, balance, straightness are key to allowing the horse to move without the rider blocking the movement!

Venue information

Gargrave Rd
North Yorkshire
BD23 1US
United Kingdom