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Training RoR Midlands - Online Webinar - Successful Goal Setting With Tara Best

15th February, 2024

Get ready to successfully set and smash your goals this year, whether you plan to get out competing more, or just enjoy your horse. In this interactive session, business and mindset coach Tara Best will be helping you

- understand how your mind can help you hit your goals

- master the different strategies of short term and long term goals

- recognise why self belief and confidence is key for hitting goals

Plus she'll be sharing some techniques she uses personally, professionally and with her own ex-racehorse to hit goals of all sizes!

Tara is a qualified mindset and business coach, ex-racehorse owner and dog Mum, #1 best selling author of Magnificent Mindset, speaker and podcast host. She started her business as an equine journalist and social media manager back in June 2015 before transitioning more into business coaching and latterly mindset coaching. She loves helping people hit their goals, whatever they may be, through understanding how the mind works, and what works particularly well from a goal setting perspective.

This event took place in February 2024
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