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Training RoR Scotland - Training Clinic with Toni Graham

27th February, 2024

A training session with Toni-Anne Graham BHSAI IntSM

Please note that riders must be 15 years and over at 1st of January this year to be able to participate in RoR activities. Please also ensure you enter using your horses registered name and not their stable name.

Toni has been a qualified riding coach for over 30 years and has been involved with horses & ponies since childhood enjoying success in all the fun of childhood with mounted games, Show Jumping & Eventing. After qualifying as a coach and spending several years at home with her small livery yard and bringing on young horses, she detoured for a while into Equestrian publishing and Equine Rehabilitation which initiated a move to Ireland for maybe a year, she stayed for 17.

Whilst there, she was firstly based in a wonderful rehabilitation yard whose focus was on the whole horse - body & mind. Lots of life lessons were learned when rehabbing horses with physical injuries and trust issues. This and several Racing yards is where her interest and experience in equine bodywork through Reiki, massage & MFR was first honed.

Her main teaching role through these years as well as freelancing and Pony club coaching was as Co-Manager/Senior coach at one of Ireland’s top BHS ‘Where to Train’/Examination Yards, this allowed her access to many wonderful Irish & British examiners, coaches & elite competitors to listen, watch and learn from. Through this advancing her own coaching skills with many wonderful horses & clients of all breeds and levels to learn from.

She returned to Scotland in 2019 and was very fortunate to spend a lovely year at Gleneagles Equestrian School while she re-established herself back in Scotland after being away for 17 years.

Since returning she is now focused on coaching & schooling clients horses more than competing, she does hope to get back into more competing over the next year or so. Her coaching aims are that her clients and their horses relax & enjoy themselves. Working to improve confidence, relaxation, balance, suppleness & strength. Resulting in a better harmony between horse & rider.

A quote from Toni “I love my job, and feel very privileged to still after all these years be doing a job that I love every single day.”

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