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Training RoR Midlands- Polework Clinic with Jo Titterton , Draycott, ST11

9th June, 2024

Riding Revolutionised- Jo Titterton

I use a unique approach to creating a harmonious partnership between horse and rider combining a variety of techniques. Specialising in improving the riders alignment, balance, symmetry and performance to influence the horses way of going. Including:

Dressage, Equipilates, Biomechanics on and off the horse, Franklin method, kinesiology taping. strength and conditioning and personal training.

I’m hugely passionate about assessing the riders movement patterns and identifying why and how this is affecting the horses movement patterns and helping to improve this. This can be through struggling with a canter lead, struggling to sit to the trot, tipping forward, unstable legs, finding one rein easier or harder than the other, tension in the horse etc etc and often is linked to how we are sitting.

Combining the scales of training with my biomechanics work can give amazing results and it’s my aim to help transform your training and revolutionise your riding, giving you a different approach to achieving your goals

I have over 25 years experience retraining racehorses alongside my husband Dan, who’s renowned for giving thoroughbreds a successful eventing career after racing. Having worked in the racing industry, Dan knows these horses so well and together Dan and Jo have retrained and helped clients retrain numerous horses straight from the track

I have successfully competed myself up to Prix St George’s dressage and have clients training and competing from intro to Grand Prix dressage and advanced eventing and everything in between

9th June, 2024
Robyn Wetherall

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Marsh Cottage Farm
Uttoxeter Road
ST11 9NR