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Training RoR South East -Racehorse to Riding Horse Showing Workshop with Lynn Russell, Dunsfold Gu8

2nd June, 2024

Come prepared for the show ring! Bring your show gear!

In Hand Section -Start time 10.00am

Welcome coffee and introduction to the session.

Background on the horses, and any issues.

How to turn out for the show type, i.e. hunter, riding horse etc.

Plaiting to produce the best top line

Clipping, quarter marking and trimming tips.

Use of grooming products.

Individual in hand assessment.


Presentation to the judge, standing and trotting up.

Ridden Section - to follow after a short break.

Tack and turn out assessment.

Advice to resolve any issues that arise.


Ring Craft

Making best use of the ring


How to ride with others and work with steward's instructions.


? Spacing your rein changes and dealing with ring problems.

Split into two groups

Group 1 will watch Group 2 and assess each horse on its paces walk, trot, canter,

and extension. From this you will understand what the judge is looking for.

Groups will swap and repeat the exercise with Group 2 watching Group 1

Showing class for all -conformation and ridden judge(s) Rosettes to all.

Special rosette for the best turned out

Special rosette for the best confirmation presentation to the judge

Special rosette for the best judge's ride

Remember the confirmation presentation is very important. It's half the class

Judge willride (or an individual show if you prefer)

? Nb. Judge will mount from a mounting block

Wrap up and Question time

Discussion on the outcome for each horse. Ways forward if required

Over to you -open Q&A session

This event took place in June 2024
Robyn Wetherall

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