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Training RoR South West - Dressage clinic with Lou Robson

14th July, 2024
Louise Robson runs Thoroughbred Dressage, a stable dedicated to the retraining of racehorses with a dressage focus. Louise trains and competes both RoR's and non RoR's at every level of dressage and her highest competing ex racehorse, Quadrille (owned by HM The King) was RoR Horse of the year 2019 and is competing at Inter II level dressage.
Louise works with a vast variety of riders and horses at ALL levels and works on whatever you and your horse want/need to work on at your own pace. She regularly teaches for the RoR across various locations in the UK and works closely with Godolphin Lifetime Aftercare.
14th July, 2024
Roly Rickcord

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