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Training RoR South East- Polework Clinic with Rebecca Golding, Buckinghamshire LU7

3rd September, 2024

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of horses and individuals, each contributing to the evolution of my training system

My primary focus lies in fostering a deep partnership between horse and rider as I firmly believe that this connection is the true key to unlocking peak performance

To supplement my coaching commitments, I ride out for a local national hunt trainer throughout the winter and inevitably ended up taking my work home with me, recently adding a retired racehorse to even up the number of my herd to four. I take great pride in their training, development and well being.

Much of my expertise lies in training young horses as well as providing alternative approaches to those in need of a different training method

My coaching style is adaptable and approachable, combining an understanding of traditional horsemanship with the latest research based protocols

I place great importance on equipping riders with the skills to continue their progress independently, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-sufficiency as we work collaboratively to achieve your goals


- BHS Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship

- BHS Stage 5 Stable Manager

- BSc (hons) Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation

3rd September, 2024
Robyn Wetherall

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