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Training RoR South East - Introduction to Owning a Former Racehorse Day at Godolphin Lifetime Care , Newmarket.

13th August, 2024

“From birth to retirement and beyond, Godolphin’s mission is to provide and encourage the best possible life-long care for our thoroughbreds. They enjoy a wonderful quality of life at our and our partners' first-class facilities around the world and it is a joy to see them thrive.”

We are very honoured to be able to offer to you a morning at Godolphin Rehoming in Newmarket, Cambridgeshire on Tuesday 13th August 2024. Come and see how one of the most successful racing consortiums cares for their thoroughbreds post racing and how they successfully transition them into their new career. In stunning facilities, set just a few miles outside of Newmarket you will be able to see the five-star care that goes into these horses retraining and how the whole process is approached and developed with the horses welfare being at the centre of it all.

13th August, 2024
Robyn Wetherall

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