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Training RoR Midlands-X Country Clinic with David Llewellyn at Somerford Park Farm CW12

6th July, 2024

David's Bio.

My first taste of the TB was when I was 14, I started exercising for a point to point trainer in the village where I grew up.

I left school at 16 and went to hartpury college where I was introduced to eventing and then after two years at Hartpury I went to work in the USA for 5 years. While in the USA I got to work with lots of different horses including my first attempt at retraining an ex racehorse that had been raced over timber fences.

I returned back to the uk in 2003 keen to have a go at Eventing myself.

Since returning I have bought and sold a couple of horses and managed to produce a few of them up to 3*.

Now based in Cheshire, where I’ve been for 15 years I have completed my BHS I and still compete and produce horses as well as teaching and coaching a wide range of people and horses. I love working with the TB breed, I love the brains and the pure athleticism of them.

This event took place in July 2024
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