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Training RoR South East Club Afternoon Newmarket @ BRS with Jody Sole

21st July, 2024

RoR South East Club Afternoon using poles to do 'gymnastic' exercises (Grids, Raised Poles, Jumps on different angles) to get horses engaging their cores, flexing through their frame, stretching through their backs and overall, a good body work out using pole grids, raised poles, cross poles and jumps the arena.

We'll also have a course jumping session to help horse and rider have good pace control between fences, correct approach to fences and correct set up for the following fence in the course.

Taught by Jody Sole at The National Horse Racing Museum, in their outdoor arena, in Newmarket.

Later sessions will also have jumps included, nothing huge but will include jumps and working on jumping technique

Sessions are open to all levels of horses however the earlier sessions are more for novice or less experienced horses. There are 4 available slots in each session.

Session 1 - 11am noon - Group 1 - Polework and Small Jumps

Session 2 - 12pm - Group 2 - Polework and Small Jumps

Session 3 - 1pm - Pole work and larger (70/80cm etc) jumps

Session 4 - Course Jumping experience

A great fun way to get RoR members schooling their horses together in a relaxed pressure free environment, with a trainer who is going to make it an enjoyable and learning experience. Plus it's indoors so keeps us out of the elements!

REFUNDS will be processed upon production, and successful approval, of a valid veterinary or doctor's certificate relating directly to the horse or rider entered for this event'

The owners and associates of The National Horse Racing Museum or RoR will not be liable for any damage caused whatsoever to vehicles, property, animals, trailers, lorries, individuals etc whilst the hirer/coach/clinic attendees/helpers are using the facilities. Should any horse or rider booked on the Club Afternoon damage any jumps, poles, vehicles or horses etc will be responsible for their repair or replacement or treatment.

For RoR registered horses and for riders aged 15 years and over at 1st Jan 2024

21st July, 2024
Sophie Pettit

Venue information

National Horseracing Museum
Palace Street