Care of Vulnerable Horses

RoR helps support those former racehorses that have reached the end of their ridden life or are unsuitable for riding, or those that require more time and specialist expertise before rehoming.

These former racehorses are cared for by a number of equine charities across the country, including those listed below.  Many of these charities also retrain and rehome former racehorses straight out of racing.


Horses and Ponies Protection Association
Shores Hey Farm
Blackhouse Lane
Briercliffe, Burnley
BB10 3QU

Horses and Ponies Protection Association are delighted to be working with the RoR and as a result have welcomed several ‘vulnerable’ former race horses at Shores Hey Farm. The charities main objective is to give horses, ponies and the occasional donkey a second chance of finding a forever home, this pilot scheme means this chance has now been extended to former race horses.

HAPPA forms part of a pilot scheme in collaboration with RoR and are also one of the first re-homing centres to gain BHS Approval, giving members of the public more confidence when looking to take on a retired racehorse from HAPPA.


The Swallows
Fawley, Wantage
Oxfordshire OX12 9NJ
T: 01488 638820

HEROS WhyEx-Racehorse - Comp 001 webHEROS (Homing Ex-Racehorses Organisation Scheme) is a charity dedicated to ensuring former racehorses have a future when their racing days are over.  HEROS began in the early 1990s, when owners and trainers asked Grace Muir to rehome their racehorses. With a lifetime’s experience of horses, knowledge of racing, plus a range of excellent contacts, Grace knew there was scope to give these horses a second chance – with a new career.

Since she started rehoming racehorses, with the support of her father and mother Ian and Agnes Muir, Grace and her team have successfully rehomed 500+ former racehorses and gained an excellent reputation. Every new recruit to HEROS is assessed by Grace personally before being ridden by one of the experienced, fully trained staff after which a plan for re-schooling is developed.  The charity aims to carefully match horses to their new careers and owners across all the equestrian disciplines.

HEROS is in the process of setting up educational and training programs for the future, to not only help people who want to work with horses, but also disadvantaged people who need to build their skills and confidence.

Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre (BHS Approved)

Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre
Huntingrove Stud
West Sussex
RH13 0RB
T: 07929 666408

All charities depend upon the generosity of their supporters and volunteers both financially and in achieving their charitable objectives. At Moorcroft this is certainly the case, but as important is the hard-working, caring team of girls at the yard who, under the sure guidance of our manager Mary Frances, consistently operate to the highest standards at all times. Their contribution enables our charity to re-home some forty horses each year after they have been re-trained for a life after racing.

Our belief is that “correct basic training is a horses insurance policy”
The Centre’s Manager, Mary Frances BHSII & BHS.SM, has many years experience in training horses with the main emphasis on them being comfortable and sound to be ridden, to do a job. At Moorcroft, we feel that unless we get to the bottom of ‘issues’, ‘quirks’, behavioural traits’ and all the other excuses that people make for ex-racehorses then we won’t really be able to give these horses a long-term future which is what we were set up to do.

New Beginnings

The Grange
Bishop Wilton
York  YO42 1SA
T: 01759 369810

Mister McGoldrick 044 crop

New Beginnings provides a safe and supportive environment for former racehorses to be rehabilitated and re-homed after they have finished their career in racing. Offering them a ‘Life past the Post’.

The charity work with horses to build their confidence and allow them to develop physically and mentally to produce horses that can suitably and successfully be rehomed.  The team are passionate about thoroughbreds and their welfare so commit to look after every horse for the rest of their natural life. Horses are ‘loaned’ to long term loving homes but will return if circumstances change, they will never be sold.

They gave their all on the track and they deserve a safe and secure future.

nostrap_cmykWorld Horse Welfare

World Horse Welfare Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre
Ada Cole Avenue
Norfolk  NR16 2LP

HF_ROR_Ollie_Arriving webRoR and World Horse Welfare have agreed to collaborate on a pilot scheme that sees the international charity retrain ‘vulnerable’ former racehorses at its Norfolk Rescue and Rehoming Centre, Hall Farm.

The aim is for World Horse Welfare, who are independent welfare advisers to the British Horseracing Authority and the International Equestrian Federation, to use its expertise in preparing horses for new lives in loving homes and rehome them through its rehoming scheme – the largest of its kind in the UK.