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IFAR - International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses

The International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses (IFAR) is an independent forum established to help advocate lifetime care to a new level all around the world, to increase awareness within the international racing community, and educate the sport horse world and the general public on the welfare of Thoroughbred racehorses.

IFAR was formalised in October 2016, following symposiums instigated and supported by Godolphin and held in the preceding two years in Kentucky and Newmarket, attended by racing's regulators and aftercare providers, with the aim of promoting the care of Thoroughbred horses during their lifetime. In recent years a number of initiatives in various international regions have been successful in promoting the versatility of racehorses and their ability to adapt to alternative careers after racing.

The establishment of IFAR provides support and leadership on a range of important issues, and enables these experiences to be shared, for best practices to be adopted and for advice to be given to all racing jurisdictions regarding the welfare, care and retraining of former racehorses.

Our mission is to promote the care of thoroughbred horses during their lifetime.

IFAR Objectives

  • To raise awareness globally of the importance of welfare for thoroughbred racehorses.
  • To improve education on lifetime care, including end of life issues, to all international racing communities and the general public.
  • To develop a network which allows best practice to be easily shared between aftercare organisations.
  • To promote the versatility, adaptability and potential of thoroughbreds for equestrian sport.

IFAR Values : Our vision is founded on the following core values

  • Leadership – the global depth of experience, knowledge and sharing of best practice in securing the lifetime care and alternative careers for thoroughbred racehorses.
  • Accountability – raising awareness of the responsibility by the international racing community and commitment to the welfare of its equine participants.
  • Communication – providing relevant and timely communication between member organisations to facilitate the exchange of information.
  • Empathy – maximising the wellbeing of thoroughbred racehorses and helping develop greater education and understanding by their new owners.

IFAR Principles Of Aftercare

  • To promote the care of thoroughbred horses during their lifetime.
  • This care should be in line with accepted veterinary standards, national practices and end of life management.
  • To make provision for the care and welfare of vulnerable former thoroughbred racehorses through an appropriate body/bodies.
  • To promote the suitability, adaptability and use of thoroughbred racehorses for a variety of equestrian activities so as to have an active life after racing, and raise awareness amongst racing’s participants and third parties of horse welfare and the lifetime care of thoroughbred racehorses.
  • To improve education for all those who own, use or care for thoroughbred racehorses with easier access to advice and guidance.
  • To facilitate co-operation between horseracing regulators and aftercare providers to communicate effectively, share information and develop greater expertise in all matters as they relate to the lifetime care, retraining, and second career options for the thoroughbred racehorse.
  • Agree that a national/international system for tracking thoroughbreds throughout their lives, including registered current ownership, is desirable in order to establish accountability and traceability.
  • To increase awareness within the international racing community, the sport horse world and the general public, of the role and benefits of IFAR and a much greater understanding of the position in relation to the activities of former racehorses.