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Welfare Equine Assisted Therapy

Thoroughbreds are eminently suitable for therapeutic and educational work with humans due to their sensitive and intelligent nature.

As Winston Churchill said “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”, and a number of charities are successfully using former racehorses to assist in the education and development of humans.

RoR strongly supports the use of former racehorses for such a role; not only does it provide a valuable purpose for horses possessing a suitable temperament, it also highlights the versatility of former racehorses.

RoR has been or is currently actively involved in a number of initiatives that use former racehorses to assist humans. Four charities in particular that use former racehorses within their programmes are; Greatwood, HEROS, Peopleton Brook and HorseBack UK.

Established in 1993, Greatwood was the first charity to use former racehorses to educate disadvantaged children and has been delivering alternative provision education programmes since 2006. Emotional wellbeing, mindfulness and inclusion are at the heart of all of Greatwood's educational programmes. For further information visit

HEROS Charity has been operating since 2006 and began with a focus on ex-racehorse re-training and re-homing. Now, in addition, they offer a range of programmes associated with horses from birth to old age in conjunction with a range of education and training programmes including alternative to school placements offering a variety of courses from age 11 onwards. For further information visit https://heroscharity.bndhost.c...

Peopleton Brook is an inclusive, family run Care Farm which is home to horses, alpaca, goats and a number of other farm animals set in eighteen acres of the beautiful Cotswolds countryside. They welcome young people, adults and students with a range of additional needs, to come and care for these animals and benefit from the relaxed and therapeutic atmosphere. For further information visit

HorseBack UK has over ten years of experience of working with servicemen and women, using horses to assist both physically and mentally wounded military personnel. RoR has donated former racehorses to Horseback UK and continues to work closely with the charity that uses horsemanship to inspire recovery, regain self-esteem and provide a sense of purpose and community. In recent years, HorseBack UK has diversified to include not only ex-military, but also local communities and corporate clients. For further information visit

RoR has also been involved in projects whereby former racehorses have been used by Riding for the Disabled and in the rehabilitation of prisoners.