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Competition Festival Of Hunting

18th July, 2018

It’s hunting’s greatest gathering. The Festival of Hunting (18 July) is the “championship” hound show and the very best foxhounds, beagles, harriers, bassets, bloodhounds and draghounds will be on parade. Hunting people will come from all over Britain and Ireland to see the hounds this week — and each other. It’s one of the very few chances to meet up and chew the fat before the season starts and everyone is too busy to do anything apart from concentrate on their own packs.

This event took place in July 2018

Venue information

East of England
Oundle Road


RoR Tattersalls Show Series Qualifier 2018

1st. Mr Ooosh – Lynn Russell
2nd. Wild West – Lizzie Harris
3rd. Renewed Challenge – Rebecca Ward
4th. Bull Five – Leanne Needham
5th. I Am The Man – Chelsey Rowe
6th. Hidden Talent – Stephanie Germany

RoR Jockey Club Novice Show Series Qualifier 2018

1st. Desert Joe – Rebecca Court
2nd. Toujours Libre – Kathleen Haughey
3rd. Lough Inch – Lizzie Harris
4th. Steady Major – Becky Brisbourne
5th. Putin – Chelsey Rowe
6th. Dr Yes – Leanne Needham