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Competition RoR Regional Dressage Horse Championships - Southern

15th September, 2022

15th -16th Sept 2022

A Regional Championship Series which encompasses Affiliated and Unaffiliated competition, for all RoR eligible horses including raced, foreign raced and those who have been in training and hold current RoR Competition Membership.

Each RoR Regional Championship event is a qualifier for the RoR National Dressage Championships which will be held at Aintree Equestrian Centre.

The Championship classes will run and be judged under BD rules, they will however, also be affiliated to RoR only and no BD grading points will be awarded.

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This event took place in September 2022
Anne Walker

Venue information

Blenheim Horse Trials, Blenheim House, Oxfordshire


RoR Southern Regional Dressage Horse PRELIM Championship

1st. The Cotswold Grey & Steph Cameron
2nd. Reality Bites & Laura Tylor
3rd. Blue Battalion & Jess Hooley
4th. Florinsfirth & Sam Smith
5th. Chelsea Showcase & Abigail Kerridge
6th. Denali Highway & Kerry Smith

RoR Southern Regional Dressage Horse NOVICE Championship

1st. Watergate Bay & Harriet Colderick
2nd. Malachys Girl & Debbie Squires
3rd. The Cotswold Grey & Stephanie Cameron
4th. Sneaking Budge & Rhian Smith
5th. Penchesco & Charlene Smith
6th. Toujours Libre & Suzie Ross

RoR Southern Regional Dressage Horse ELEMENTARY Championship

1st. Sneaking Budge & Rhian Smith
2nd. Watergate Bay & Harriet Colderick
3rd. Seigneur des Bois & Alison Heywood
4th. Inlawed & Boogie Machin
5th. Secret Shot & Sarah Jennings
6th. Que Sera & Jo Hales

RoR Southern Regional Dressage Horse MEDIUM Championship

1st. Looney Les & Gemma Haworth
2nd. Red Inferno & Hayley Ward
3rd. Que Sera & Jo Hales
4th. Riffelalp & Natalie Pettitt
5th. Nodachi & Karolina Nichols
6th. Skysurfers & Rachel Ovens