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Competition Wales and West Hunter Show

14th August, 2018

Venue information

The David Broome Event Centre
Mt Ballan Manor
NP26 5XP


RoR Tattersalls Show Series Qualifier

1st. QULINTON – Steven Worker
2nd. MR OOOSH – Glen Grins
3rd. GALATIAN – Donna Bamonte
4th. FIRST FANDANGO – Hannah Chrisman
5th. CRABBIES GINGER – Martyne Barker
6th. AWESOME FREDDIE – Samantha Wallin

RoR TBA Challenge Show Series Qualifier

1st. WORD OF WARNING – Clare Poole
2nd. WAR WOLF – Ellie Underwood
3rd. AWBEG MASSINI – Lois Corkhill
4th. KUMAKAWA – Helen McCarthy
5th. KILCANNON SKYFALL – Samantha Parry
6th. CENTRAL LEADER – Sarah Gorman

RoR Jockey Club Show Series Qualifier

1st. BARLOW – Katie Dashwood
2nd. DESERT JOE – Rebecca Court
3rd. REAL MILAN – Miranda Jones
4th. GALATIAN – Donna Bamonte
5th. EBREEZ – Phillippa James
6th. WASHED OUT – Branwen Griffin