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Series Tattersalls RoR Former Racehorse Challenge

In the Tattersalls RoR Former Racehorse Challenge, former racehorses are asked to jump a small course of fences. This is followed by an individual freestyle show. Horses are NOT ridden by the judge and will not be required to gallop.

2023 Winner

Winner - Master Wickham
Owned and ridden by Claire Lewis

2022 Winner

Winner - Potters Grenadier
Owned and Ridden by - Kizzy Smith

2021 Winner

Winner - Monkerty Tunkerty
Owned and Ridden by - Jessica Westwood



Horses must have raced in GB . Horses must have current RoR Competition Membership and riders must be 15 years old on the 1 of January of the current year. Mare or gelding 4yrs old or over and of any height. Horses to be ridden in any suitable bridle and should be plaited.


  • Racing injuries and blemishes ARE IGNORED in this series.
  • The judge will NOT ride. Horses may be stripped for conformation at the discretion of the judge.
  • Competitors must wear a safety/kite mark hard hat with a chinstrap.
  • For further showing rules please visit the RoR Rules and Regulations.


The first three go forward to the Final at the The Jockey Club RoR National Championships at Aintree in August 2024 or 2025 for shows after 1 August 2024.

The Series Champion automatically qualifies for the RoR Ridden Show Series Supreme Championship at Aintree.

The class to be judged 50% jumping, 20% Style while jumping and performance and 30% awarded for show, manners and suitability to be retrained.


Jumping to be judged:

8 rustic jumps 90cm to 100cm with a maximum spread of 95cm

The following points to be deducted at the end of each jumping round:

  • 10 points to be deducted for a knock down.
  • 15 points to be deducted for a refusal.
  • 20 points for second refusal.
  • Elimination for third refusal or fall


Class returns without boots and judged for an individual show/conformation. (In some classes, at the judge’s discretion, horses might be asked to do a ‘show’ following their jumping without leaving the ring. This is often the case with a large number in the class)

Each horse to complete an individual show of no longer than 1 ½ minutes. Show to include the following movements:

  • Walk, Trot, canter showing change of leg, extended canter (gallop) halt and stand, walk off on long rein.
  • Total marks out of 30% for Show, manners and suitability to be retrained.
  • Fences for the final at Aintree will be up to a maximum of 1.05 metre


Rosettes first to fourth and a RoR branded prize to the winner

Highest Placed Veteran: a RoR branded to be redeemed from RoR office and qualification for the RoR Ridden Veteran Final at the Jockey Club RoR National Championships at Aintree.

Series Results