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Competition Bridgend County Show

13th July, 2019

The Bridgend County Show commenced in 1946 as a show to welcome home those who had been serving this country in WW2. At the same time it encouraged them back into the community and into the home by celebrating their agriculture inheritance.

Now over 70 years later the show continues to welcome visitors from both far and near with the ethos still being 'in the community and for the community'.

Bridgend County show offers an exciting mix of entertainment, trade stands, horticulture, food, equestrian events and a lot more besides creating a perfect day out for the family.

This event took place in July 2019
Gill Dowling

Venue information

Pencold College
CF35 5LG


RoR Tattersalls Show Series Qualifier

1st. Juhd & Helen Jones
2nd. Sherkhan & R L Thomas
3rd. Polydamos & Katy Llewellyn
4th. Alfabet Souk & Angela Clark
5th. Billybo & Claire Griffiths
6th. Lydstep Hills & Kelly Rees Thomas

RoR Jockey Club Novice Show Series Qualifier

1st. Oscars Law & Hannah Barry
2nd. Juhd & Helen Jones
3rd. Polydamos & Katy Llewellyn
4th. Alfabet Souk & Angela Clark
5th. Captain Scarlett & Jo Llewellyn

RoR TBA Retrained Racehorse Challenge Qualifier

1st. Billybo & Claire Griffiths
2nd. Lydstep Hills & Kelly Rees Thomas
3rd. Alfabet Souk & Angela Clark
4th. Ohceecee & Robbie Alman-Wilson
5th.Emperors Jade & Lord Andrew Crew

RoR Open In Hand Show Series Qualifier

1st. Royal Craftsman & Jayne Brace
2nd. Oscars Law & Hannah Barry
3rd. Kelgilly's Deja Vu & Cher Gill
4th. Moon Racer & Claire Poole
5th. Subtler Soldier & Eli Beckinsale
6th. Ohceecee & Robbie Alman-Wilson