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Competition RoR Southern Dressage Horse Championships

16th September, 2021

To be held at Blenheim Horse Trials, 16th and 17th September 2021.

This Championship encompasses Affiliated and Unaffiliated combinations, for all RoR horses including raced, foreign raced and those who have been in training and hold current RoR Competition membership and for riders aged 15 years and over at 1st January 2021.

Championship classes from Prelim to Medium.

For qualifying criteria please visit the related series.

This event took place in September 2021
Margaret O'Sullivan

Venue information

Blenheim Palace,
OX20 1PS


RoR Southern Prelim Dressage Championship

1st. Double Silver & Jo Bearcroft
2nd. Clouded Thoughts & Laura Rolph
3rd. Skysurfers & Rachel Ovens
4th. Blue Battalion & Jess Hooley
5th. Reality Bites & Laura Tylor
6th. Silk Path & Emma Wilesmith

RoR Southern Novice Dressage Championship

1st. The Jigger & Angela Rowberry
2nd. Yojimbo & Fay Bryant
3rd. Tikketoride & Octavia Walters
4th. Astral Boy & Victoria Chamlet
5th. Promise Of Peace & Jodie Stokes
6th. Back On Time & Emily Pope

RoR Southern Medium Dressage Championship

1st. Barrison & Jessica Davies
2nd. Heading East & Cheryl Bezants
3rd. Sirius Chestnut & Katy Ferrari
4th. Newport Arch & Kathryn Pickering
5th. Follow The Facts & Steph Potter
6th. Quickbeam & Bethan Eckley

RoR Southern Elementary Dressage Championship

st. Barrison & Jessica Davies
2nd. Alamein & Robert Scalisi
3rd. Port & Danielle Davies
4th. Nodachi & Karolina Nichols
5th. Willow’s Saviour & Jessica Davies
6th. Que Sera & Jo Hales