News ‘Source a Horse’ strikes gold Over-Africa

18th September 2020

One of the success stories at the recent RoR Online Show was Sara Fogg’s Overafrica, who was the judges’ preferred choice in two ridden classes, including RoR Sport Horse. In winning those two classes the now 14-year-old gelding became a great advert for ‘Source a Horse’, RoR’s dedicated website for selling, buying or loaning former racehorses.

Sara, who is based at Heddington in Wiltshire, acquired Overafrica through Source a Horse two years ago after the gelding was retired from his racing career. Trained initially by Donald McCain for owner Trevor Hemmings, Overafrica raced a total of 53 times in a seven-year career. The majority of his runs were in Point-to-Points after he was sold out of the McCain yard in 2013 and all six of his wins came under that code.

Just two years on from his retirement from racing and Sara acquiring Overafrica via Source a Horse, the son of Overbury is accumulating British Dressage points and winning competitive show classes.

As she proudly points out: “Two years ago Alf (Overafrica) was a 12-year-old just out of training, now he is holding his own against some very good dressage horses and has over 40 dressage points, firstly in Novice and now Elementary.

“Alf had only just been put up for sale on Source a Horse when I saw him and I went the next day, tried him and bought him on the spot.

“Fortunately, he had been owned and trained (for Point-to-Pointing) by a very good rider in Lauren Reed, who herself was trained by Mary King, and this showed in his way of going and, though very green, he seemed very able to forget racing and work in a ménage.

“I have worked with former racehorses all my life; I’ve hunted them, done showing, dressage, team chasing, you name it, my ex-racers have done the lot. Alf is great; he’s a very careful show jumper, he is now getting points in British Dressage Elementary and does his showing too. He hacks out like a dream and doesn’t pull!!

“The Source a Horse website is brilliant as you can see how the horse is going from photos and videos and this gives you confidence that the horse you are going to view is going to be suitable for the job you would like it to end up doing.

“Taking on a former racehorse is to me an absolute pleasure and a great journey of discovery. I would certainly recommend Source a Horse as the place to go if you are looking to buy a former racehorse.”

To view horses currently for sale or for loaning on Source a Horse click here

Latest news RoR is always interested to hear of other success stories so please email us and send a photograph of your own story.

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